Interpreters for the European PACTESUR project

The PACTESUR project, funded by the European Commission, chose Colingua’s interpreters for the online interpretation of its events on Zoom.

Services rendered:

About Colingua

Our interpretation agency specialises in online interpretation. Our interpreters have racked up over 300 days of webinars and meetings on Zoom and other platforms since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, assisting our clients and helping them to organise their events. Find out more about our good practices for simultaneous interpretation on ZoomInteractio, etc.


The PACTESUR consortium brings together three flagship cities (Nice, Turin and Liège) committed to strengthening their cooperation and developing convergent strategies on urban security. The European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS), based in Paris, co-manages the consortium.

What’s the cost of hiring interpreters on Zoom?

Videoconferences with simultaneous interpreting: the organiser’s guidebook

  1. Types of video conference platforms
  2. Are you using ZOOM?
  3. Would you like to keep using your usual video conferencing tool?
  4. The moderator: a key figure for online events in multiple languages
  5. Interpreters: in a hub or working from home?
  6. A hybrid event with on-site and remote participants
  7. Examples of online events with our interpreters
  8. Online interpretation: security and reliability

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Interpreters for the European PACTESUR project