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EFUS (European Forum for Urban Security) regularly works with Colingua’s conference interpreters for  their meetings in French, English, Spanish, Dutch… Due to the current health crisis, Colingua now provides distance interpretation from their hub.

Colingua’s simultaneous interpreters (French, English, Spanish, Dutch…) often work for European organizations such as EFUS. Because if the current health crisis, EFUS’ experts were not able to travel and meet in Lisbon and therefore organized a virtual meeting. Of course, they still needed simultaneous translation to understand each other and asked us whether it was possible to provide remote simultaneous interpreting in French and English.

For several months now, our conference interpreters and technical team propose a solution (an interpretation platform) for online simultaneous translation. What’s more, if you prefer to keep your favourite videoconference platform, our interpretation solution is compatible and can be coupled with several videoconferencing systems such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, etc. This was actually for case for EFUS, for which we provided a hybrid solution for remote simultaneous interpretation.

Videoconferences with simultaneous interpreting: the organiser’s guidebook

  1. Types of video conference platforms
  2. Are you using ZOOM?
  3. Would you like to keep using your usual video conferencing tool?
  4. The moderator: a key figure for online events in multiple languages
  5. Interpreters: in a hub or working from home?
  6. A hybrid event with on-site and remote participants
  7. Examples of online events with our interpreters
  8. Online interpretation: security and reliability

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French English online interpreting